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I got started in real estate as a teenager, with my father. At USC, I learned the true power of real estate is building equity and passive income, so upon graduation I decided to focus on helping people build wealth.

My knowledge in the Commercial Multi-Family Market in LA County is unparalleled. Rooted in my desire to serve my clients, I’ve learned to delve deeper than just a sub-surface assessment of what they want to sell or buy. I gain an understanding of their ideal overarching end game, so that I can help ensure their real estate investments help them achieve their goals. Whether buying, selling, or figuring out what to do with a property, I take the time to consult for my clients.

My focus is on simply planning the best strategy for my clients to grow. That often involves solving questions like: Is it time to sell? Is a 1031 exchange good for me? Do we reverse exchange to make a good purchase now? Must I hold the property and perhaps recast the tax base via cost segregation to reduce taxes? How do I prevent my property from City violation issues that can lead to REAP? How do I maneuver a city hearing, the city attorney and LADBS? Does the manner in which I hold my assets place me at risk or protect and preserve the assets for my family now and into the future? How will current and proposed city and statewide ballot initiatives benefit me or hurt me?

I’m a seasoned, multi-million-dollar producer, so I go the extra mile to help my clients by giving them my expert opinion on matters of buy/sell/keep. Not all resolves lead to selling or buying; that is where I bring more to the table than just being a Commercial Multi-Family broker.


In the city of Los Angeles I have removed or sold over 2,100 REAP units

My motto is simple…”How can I help?”