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Lu has helped me navigate the challenging maze of owning a property in Los Angeles as a debt-averse, senior citizen property owner.  When assessing whether to sell our properties in Skid Row or go into debt rehabilitating them, Lu walked me systematically through the pros and cons until we all concluded that selling the property would be our best option.  Lu unwaveringly upheld the contract to my financial advantage.  For Lu, a contract is a contract and once you enter into an agreement, you stick to the agreement.

- Homer Mason

Anyone with property in LA needs to know Lu. He knows the market like the back of his hand, and he knows how to navigate the system. Lu is the expert of experts when it comes to dealing with the LA Housing Department. He has been an incredible resource when it comes to dealing with REAP related issues.

- Rod Goldberg, President of Dadson Washer & Dryer

Lu has the ability to make things happen in the Real Estate industry.

He is well versed in most all aspects of commercial and residential transactions and how to run them, fix them, and most importantly how to solve problems.

We have used his expertise extensively with LA City Housing and various other City Departments and he really knows his way around and how to get right  answers to resolve the complexities of dealing with Governmental agencies.

I would recommend him for just about any Real Estate related endeavor.

- Richard Stromberg, CEO/President, Innovative Real Estate